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You may have heard discussions about “matching” and kidney transplantation. There are actually three tests that are done to evaluate donors. They are blood type, crossmatch, and HLA testing. This blood test is the first step in the process of living donation and determines if you are compatible or a “match” to your recipient. Blood Typing

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Traditionally, kidney transplant matches were measured by an HLA match score from zero to six, with six being the best. HLA scores are generally based on A, B and DR antigens. An antigen mismatch is where rejection often starts.

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Because you’ll need to find a compatible kidney donor, a blood relative may be your best match—though a kidney could also come from a close friend, acquaintance, or co-worker. Talking openly about your donor search can help identify possible donors. Place your name on the kidney transplant waiting list to receive a donor kidney.

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If someone you know would like to donate a kidney to you, that person will also need to go through a screening to find out if he or she is a match and healthy enough to donate. If it’s your child who has kidney disease, you’ll want to give serious thought to getting a transplant evaluation for him or her.

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The evaluation will help the transplant team decide if you are ready for the kidney transplant. If the transplant team decides you are ready, the next step will be for your transplant team to help you find a kidney match. On the day of the evaluation, you and your family will meet the members of the transplant team. The evaluation may take only one day, or it could take several days.

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There are three main blood tests that will determine if a patient and a potential donor are a kidney match. They are blood typing, tissue typing and cross-matching. What is Blood typing (ABO compatibility)?

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Crossmatching: determines how the transplant candidate will react to your kidney. A “positive” crossmatch means your organ is incompatible with the candidate. A “negative” crossmatch means that your kidney is compatible with the candidate.

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There are three main blood tests to check for compatibility between donor and recipient: Blood type test. This makes sure your blood type and the recipient's blood type are a good match ...