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It really depends on the tournaments available and the goals of the club director. The focus in this kind of club is to be the best, to take on the best teams around the country and to rank nationally. Players in these clubs will have great exposure to be recruited for the next level.

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Club Volleyball. PRACTICE SCHEDULES. ... AGE DEFINITION CHART . This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software ...

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Matchbox Volleyball Club, based out of Aberdeen, South Dakota, is one of the largest club volleyball organizations in South Dakota and provides athletes ages 8-18 with a developmental and competitive volleyball experience. This program is independent of any high school or middle school programs which allows Matchbox to serve athletes from dozens of area schools including Aberdeen public ...

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A player who attempts to hit a ball offensively with the purpose of ending play in his or her team’s favor and gaining a point or sideout. ATTACK LINE – A line 10 ft. from the net that separates the front row players from the back row players. Commonly referred to as the “10-foot line.”.

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Oct 26, 2010 at 3:19pm. As a mid-major coach, I won't spend a lot of time on club courts until Day 2 or 3 of a qualifier because the level of play is really bad on the first day. I have to put in my time on both, however, but know that at least 75% of my recruits are playing open level ball.

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Basketball: 92% of women and 91% of men competed on a club team. Women’s volleyball: 91% of women’s volleyball players competed on a club team. Women’s field hockey: 79% of women’s field hockey players competed on a club team. Swimming: 79% of both women and men competed on a club team.

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Basic Volleyball Terminology for Newbies. Here is volleyball terminology everyone should learn. Volleyball Game (Set) A volleyball game or set is played to a predetermined number of points. Games must be won by at least 2 points. For example, if a game is being played to 25 points, if a 24-24 tie occurs, the game isn t over until a team leads ...


The Age Definition Policy was most recently revised by the USA Volleyball Board of Directors on June 30, 2020. The classification cut-off date of July 1 was reviewed by the USAV Junior Assembly and the USA Regional Volleyball Association Assembly and research justified the new cut-off date of July 1.