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What Is Pronation in Tennis? (with pictures)

Pronation in tennis refers to a specific type of serving technique. The way that the body and arm move are very important for a tennis serve. In particular, the twisting motion of the arm — or pronation — is necessary to achieve a powerful serve, and pronation in tennis is used to produce more ball spin.

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Pronation is the internal rotation of the forearm and shoulder during a technically sound service motion. It is a natural result of a relaxed, correct throwing motion, and allows the racket ...

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The pronation is part of proper tennis technique. There is always a chance of injury if you force any movement. Your body tells you very quickly whether you’re performing the technique comfortably or not.

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Pronation is a special type of arm movement that allows you to accelerate your tennis racket through the ball, increasing the amount of power and spin you can generate. All advanced players pronate when they serve, but very few club-level players pronate properly.

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One of the big breakthroughs in tennis teaching years about 40 years ago was the discovery of pronation, the outward turn of the forearm, wrist and palm at the end of the service motion that happened so quickly, most observers could not see it. For many years after (and, unfortunately, still today), tennis teachers told their students to “snap your wrist,” which was misconstrued to mean the snapping down and inward of the hand instead of the upward and outward turn.

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http://www.feeltennis.net/serve-pronation/The tennis serve pronation is that key technique of the serve that separates advanced and effective serves from beg...

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after hitting the ball the position of the wrist always remains the same position in the continuation of the pronation movement of the forearm or bends to one side where the little finger approaches the ulna bone (ulnar deviation of the wrist).